Clélia Cothier – COMING SOON

Project Manager, Deep Space Food Challenge at Canadian Space Agency – COMING SOON

Clélia is a Challenge-Prize Fellow with the Impact and Innovation Unit (/Impact Canada). Currently, she works with the Space Exploration Strategic Planning team at the Canadian Space Agency and oversees the development and implementation of the Deep Space Food Challenge. Prior to joining the government, Clélia worked with Desjardins’ innovation lab to apply social innovation concepts to the business world and the financial industry, and developed open innovation projects like Coopérathon. Her goal is to act as a tri-sector athlete, by connecting and working with the private, public and social sectors on important societal issues. Clélia is also a board member of two Montreal-based organizations, Esplanade and Institut du Nouveau Monde. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Sciences and International Development Studies from McGill University.

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