As the next generation
of leaders, we’re
putting sustainability
front and centre.

Our education should do the same.

Maybe you’ve started asking questions like this:

How can we, as students, spark long-term
change in our schools’
culture, extracurricular
activities, and teaching?

The good news is that student action can lead to a lot of change, as evidenced by the Montreal Youth Summit on Sustainable Business, Canada’s largest student-led event of its kind with 500 participants & 45 speakers, the push for the first Quebec Roundtables on Sustainable Finance Education, or the creation of new courses thanks to the advocacy and contribution of student groups.

We’ve gathered some of Canada’s top student leaders to share their experiences, and we’ve researched best international practices in student organizing on sustainability.

Get inspired by our Manifesto campaign to change the education on sustainability

Read and support the “Our Future, Our Business” Manifesto campaign, Canada’s largest youth-led movement to change education on sustainable business practices.

Start or grow a student organization for sustainability

Take action to organize your peers into a student group so you can start a movement in your institution, grow student awareness, build momentum, and keep the pressure on.

Advocate for curriculum change in your school

Help advocate strategically for curriculum change at your institution, and push for the inclusion of topics that advance regenerative, sustainable, and just thinking.

Leverage resources to help professors integrate sustainability

Use our resources to locate tools that can help professors integrate sustainability and have an impact on curricula.