Tomorrow’s leaders
are redefining
the future economy

Explore Canada’s largest platform to empower youth in sustainability

We believe that the ideal society is a regenerative one. Regeneration to us means putting human and ecological well-being at the centre of every decision. We seek to re_imagine our schools, re_purpose our careers, and re_model our companies to be aligned with regenerative principles.

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To change the
way business is
done, we have to
change the way
it’s taught.

65 youth organizations pushed to revitalize business education in service of a more just, sustainable, and prosperous world. In response, 100 civil society organizations, 130 high-level executives and 1,500+ alumni recognized the need for education to change about sustainable business practices.

Re_imagine your school

Utilize our toolkits and resources to organize for change at your school by building student awareness, and help keep the pressure on.

Re_purpose your career

The workforce of the future is putting the planet and society first. Step into the future by accelerating your impact career.

Re_model your company

Learn how to analyze your company’s performance and enact change,
regardless of your job title.